302 Catalog (pdf)


302 Horseshoe crab


The Meaning....

Simple. 302 is the only area code for Delaware.This includes all landlines and cell phone. The Horseshoe crab in the state marine animal for Delaware. 


How did it begin.

in 2016 local friends, The Revival House, were hosting a local film festival at the Milton Theatre. The asked if Keith could design something local. The rest is history. It is humbling for everyone at kam productions by how people have embraced this design to represent themselves, and be a local design unique to the area.


Horseshoe Crab Facts.

- They are related to spiders

- Their blood is blue

- Their blood is in medicine and used to  test for bacteria

-They are as older than dinosaurs

- Their tail is actually their spine

- The Delaware Bay is the world's largest spawning ground