About Us


Keith Mosher is the artist and owner of kam productions. He began his career as an artist after graduating from Shepherd College in Shepherdstown, WV in 2001 with a BFA degree, and a concentration in photography. In Feb. of 2002 Keith began his photography career and continues to photography weddings, family portraits, editorial and commercial projects.

When did silk screening begin?

Keith has always had a strong connection to Native American spirituality. He participates in ceremonies locally and in South Dakota. With this strong connection, he has always wanted a native american style hand drum. Just as he was about to purchase one, his wife said, " I bet you could make one."  Keith researched making drums, and how to process the rawhide, and has since made and sold rawhide hand drums. But he wanted to print his own artwork on the rawhide. After some research and developing a technique, he found a way to print his designs on the rawhide with silkscreens.

Close the deal

After purchasing the silkscreen equipment for his artwork, his wife asked if it could be used to prints shirts for fellow teachers at her school. One thing led to the next, and ever since then Keith has been creating his own designs and printing them by hand, one at a time, with one screen.